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Overheating and fed up, Brother Earth delivers one final PSA to the people of the world. Climate change is fucking up his atmosphere, and he’s not feeling it. * * * Corporate gangsters: Raphael Cohen (Ronald McDonald), Pete Woiwode (Mr. Burns), Danez Smith (Barack Obama), Dania Cabello (Sarah Palin), Lucas Guilkey (Chevron), Tony Blair (BP)…

La Raza Chronicles

(Scroll to minute 28 to listen to director Yvan Iturriaga talk about his short film BEEP.) “Hear the homies on tonight’s show Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi y Yvan Iturriaga plus Buyepongo, noticas, important event info from Gerardo Omar Marin y mucho mas! Link to listen to a download or to stream is above. Show highlights Cine+Mas SF…

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