Overheating and fed up, Brother Earth delivers one final PSA to the people of the world. Climate change is fucking up his atmosphere, and he’s not feeling it.

Starring Boots Riley and Josh Healey
Directed by Yvan Iturriaga
Written and Produced by Josh Healey
Co-Produced by Movement Generation
Director of Photography: Miguel Creus
Editor: Ari Sigal
Sound: Mitch Brown
Production Assistant: Shana Lancaster

On Set

* * *

Corporate gangsters: Raphael Cohen (Ronald McDonald), Pete Woiwode (Mr. Burns), Danez Smith (Barack Obama), Dania Cabello (Sarah Palin), Lucas Guilkey (Chevron), Tony Blair (BP)

Big thanks to: Gopal Dayaneni, Ellen Choy, Mateo Nube, Carla Perez, Quinton Sankofa, Adam Mansbach (swear word supervisor), Chinaka Hodge, Scandinavia Studios, John Sellers, Lizz Winstead, Esther Healey, and Flava Flav.

* * *

A movement that laughs together, stays together.

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