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TITLE OF SHOW: Vagabundos

FORMAT: Travel Show

Quetzal Guerrero is a traveling musician in search of musical encounters throughout Latin America. Boldly going where no violinist has gone before, Quetzal embarks on a cultural journey to discover how language, customs, dance and history have shaped the musical sounds of the present.

Vagabundos is a journey into the folkloric and traditional music of Latin America and its influence on popular music today. The show follows Quetzal Guerrero, a 30 year old Native American, Mexican and Brazilian musician from Los Angeles, CA. Each episode is focused on the journey and musical discovery of one specific country. Every episode opens with the arrival of Quetzal in this new environment. He walks the streets with his violin on his back, taking in the smells, colors and especially the sounds emanating all around him. Quetzal is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese, allowing him to communicate and mingle easily throughout the continent. His vague physical complexion makes him a chameleon as well, allowing him to easily blend in with the locals.

As the show begins Quetzal dives into the neighborhoods of a major city, like a detective trying to find out what people are listening to. We discover what is on the surface, what is coming out of the radios, what people are listening to in the streets and who are the most popular artist. Through Quetzal’s interactions with present-day popular artist we explore the crust of the music scene. Along the way we experience some of the culture and ambiance accompanying popular music. While experiencing popular culture Quetzal begins to ask questions and dig deeper into the roots of these musical forms. Based on his own musical expertise and the interactions with various artists, Quetzal uncovers links to other musical experiences that originated in farther, rural, off beat areas. The show then takes us on a journey into the country to find out what people are listening to and playing away from the big cities. Quetzal arrives in different towns and neighborhoods searching for the roots and influences of modern popular music. He encounters musicians, historians, instrument makers and fascinating characters. Quetzal goes to people’s homes, festivals and places that inspired the culture that gave birth to the musical expressions of the area. With his interactions we discover traditional music, its history, ethnic background and cultural significance.

After connecting the old with the new, the journey comes full circle. Quetzal goes in search of new upcoming artists that showcase the mix of traditional/cultural music with the popular music genres of today. He interacts with artist in their home turf, finding out how and why they arrived at their sound. Every episode ends in the same way, Quetzal begins a jam session with a variety of artists. This closes every show organically with a music-video-like montage summarizing the journey and connecting the dots. Throughout the show, Jam sessions might naturally take place, but the final performance is the highlight of the show.

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